Thursday, October 30, 2008

Runaround Sue

It's time to head to Boulder, Colorado for another great Halloween tradition.

Much better than Devil's Night in Detroit where they put the torch to things. Though if a Bear Stearns office were to get torched, I'm sure arson investigators might not be too inclined to bust hump on the case. But I'm not advocating burning out the greedheads, that would be wrong.

So let's focus on happy thoughts. Like naked people running in the streets.

Yes, in Boulder, it's the 10th Annual Naked Pumpkin Run.

Essentially you carve a pumpkin so it fits over your head and then you run nakey down the street. We call those weekends at the Kennedy Compound. Hiyo!

And this does take some planning. You've got to build up enough courage to run around nakey while retaining enough dexterity to carve your pumpkin. That's a delicate balance that eludes most of the streaking drunks I've ever encountered. Then you've got to manage to keep the pumpkin on your head while running around.

While do I have the feeling that out of 150 participants in last year's run, it was 149 guys and one co-ed with low self-esteem?

Let's hope one of our faithful readers can score some snapshots of the, umm, celebration. And not the drunk frat boys.


Skyzi said...

Naked + running is still an idea I am not comfortable with. Boobs and penises are not meant to be viewed in that kind of movement!

Roxrocks said...

I agree. God, man, I'm trying to eat lunch all up in here!

Anonymous said...

So, they have to carve whilst naked? I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like holding sharp objects with my bits exposed.