Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That's What I Want

As Steve Martin said in his Emmy Award introduction of Tommy Smothers, "I don't use the word genius often. Just thought I'd let you know."

But it actually applies to the folks over at Who knew making fun of those crummy motivational posters could be so fun? And funny.

This one kind of nails it on the head right now.

And I think it's the latter.

Because if you're not mad as hell that AIG took $85 billion dollars in federal bailout money and then turned around and spent $440,000 on a corporate retreat for executives at the St. Regis Resort.

If I actually knew where an AIG office was, I'd go down there with a bat and get some of that money back. Now I can't suggest that you should find an AIG Executive and take a bat to him. That would be illegal. But if you were to come to that conclusion on your own, I don't think there's anything the authorities could do to me. And I'm pretty sure that no jury would convict you.

But then I'm a lover not a fighter.


kapgar said...

I would argue that a bat would be a necessity. Legal or not.

Roxrocks said...

Yeah, I heard that. Well, those AIG execs clearly needed spa treatments though...I mean, it's gotta be stressful ripping people off day after day.

That buyout was such a goddamn illegal farce. You didn't see gubment working that fast for New Orleans, did you?

OMG I sound like some hermit holed up in a cabin somewhere in the woods!

lostinutah said...

I love - I think I may have been one of its earliest fans.

I had to buy a travel insurance policy from AIG a few years ago for the Mother Ship. What a pain in the ass those people were. Not to say this serves them right, but I am saying they were a bit arrogant.