Friday, October 31, 2008


As threatened, here are some snaps from the Big Halloween Bash.

Graveyard Entrance

The entrance to our Graveyard of Doom.

Oz Entrance

The cubedwellers one row over turned their row into Oz.  You can kinda see the Tin Man there.  That's the Yellow Brick Road on the floor and it wrapped all the way around their cubes.

Representin' The Guild

Of course, what would Oz be without the Lollipop Guild?

Oz Tornado

The Tornado that took us to Oz.

Scooby Don't

Those meddlin' kids are here too.


There's a time for everyone and this time was for The Dude.


Some people go all out. 

Spidey's Cube

Even on their desk.


Whomever owns this, I'm guessing is single.

Pac Man

The Accounting Department has Pac Man fever.

Count Dogula

Dressing up your animals is wrong.  But I love Count Dogula.

Some of the Team

Part of the denizen of the Graveyard.  That's supposed to be a Candycane, Crazy Cat Lady, Aquaman, SuperBen, and a Convict.

The Whole Team

With Indy and a Pirate or two.  That's all of us.


foundinidaho said...

Aquaman ROCKS. Thanks for the photos.

Anonymous said...

Why was Aquaman looking so sad in that last photo?

Last night, I saw Joe the Plumber. That was by far the best costume.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Just read your last post--you're Aquaman! You don't look sad in the first photo, just the second :)

Wicked H said...

Aquaman!!! Fantastic!

The whole thing looks Spooktacular!


Roxrocks said...

Man, y'all go all out for Halloween! That's crazy!

Is it me or does that convict look like a real convict in the last shot?

Tell me you had those tights for a really long time...

Cat said...

Oh my god, last year MY accounting department was Mrs. Pacman and the ghosties! Weird. Apparently great minds DO think alike.