Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'd Really Prefer Thunder Road

Hey, did you hear that Barack Me Amadeus is busting out his political clout by having real live rock and roll stars do some concerts for him? Sure, now that I'm out of Michigan, they finally get some love from the politicos.

Unfortunately, because I'm in Utah, this is the closest we could get.

I actually think they use this same technology for Madonna concerts. Well, not really the concerts. Just the plastic animatronic Madonna that performs in them now.

Rock on with your bad selves, kids.


kris said...

I cannot press the play button, because I'm pretty sure this clip is chock full of robots. Colorful robots.

Roxrocks said...

My favorite one is the Thriller Video...I do love me some Lego Action!

lostinutah said...

Barack Me Amadeus...priceless.

Little Bit finished off the Lego Batman game in about 3 days. He's too smart for me.

t2ed said...

Lil Bit can't really be finished in just three days. Lots of hidden stuff to find and unlock.

Or else have him hop on 360Live and show me where it's all at!