Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Time to Start the Music

Continuing with the distraction that is All Hallow's Eve, if you're in Germany, a muppet might be a good costume this year.

It seems that an English driver in Germany keeps speeding by the ticketing cameras.
Unfortunately for the cops, because it's an English car, they can't get a shot of the driver.

All they get driver side on the right of the car, they can keep getting a picture of a muppet. And they can't even identify the muppet.

That's him in the passenger seat. Is that Animal, Grover, Ernie, Cookie Monster or a Muppet To Be Named Later?

Or if you don't want to be a muppet, you can always go with the Fireman or the Nurse. Because it turns out those are the two professions which top the list of sexual fantasies in England.

Actually for women, the top fantasy professions are firemen, soldiers, businessmen, doctors then footballers. For men, it's nurses, maids and flight attendants.

So ladies, get out your tea light candles, slip into your maid outfit, accidentally knock a candle over so you have to call the fire department and you're all set.

What's everyone going to dress up as? You've only got 48 hours kids. Check local listings.


Roxrocks said...

I'm going for the bitchy housewife look I sported last year. It seems to work for me.

foundinidaho said...

I'm going for the "I'm another year older and I'm pissed" look. I've been sporting it since I was 30, and since my birthday's the day before, it's a fresh costume every year.

Do love the Halloween though.

Skyzi said...

Slightly slutty geisha (same as every year pinky). It's homemade so I little less trashy?!?

Anonymous said...

I went as a Border Patrol agent because my husband, who is actually Hispanic, dressed as a sombrero-wearing, mustache-sporting Mexican.

It's interesting that men's fantasies for women are all service-oriented.