Friday, October 31, 2008

Monster Mash

It's finally here! The most wonderful day of the year. The day we confuse kids who we've warned endlessly not to take candy from strangers are allowed to go door to door whilst costumed and take candy from strangers.

The folks at Datacon where I toil in ignominy take Halloween really seriously. Costume contest, cube decorating contest, pumpkin decorating contest, trick or treating. And all for big, big prizes like Amex gift cards ($250!) and extra vacation days. Yes, they do it up.

That's the entrance to our cubeville over there. We're doing a graveyard theme. Mostly we just sit still at our cubes and barely move. Yes, it's like most weekdays then.

Yeah, we're not accomplishing anything today. Unless you count Twizzlers for breakfast as an accomplishment.

So what did everyone dress up as? I'm Aquaman. Depending upon how embarrasing the pix are, you might be exposed to that later.

Enjoy the candy, kids!


Reigning Frog said...

Is bacon salt the top prize?

Vivian said...

I need pictures!

foundinidaho said...

You MUST post a picture. I love Aquaman.

Roxrocks said...

Is it the Patrick Duffy Aquaman? (Was Patrick Duffy Auquaman?) Maybe I've had too many mini chocolate bars this morning.

I'm still in my PJs cleaning house. I'm glamorous.

Anonymous said...

Twizzlers for breakfast is absolutely an accomplishment! I'm eating Skittles and Kit-Kats (what else?).