Friday, October 03, 2008

Amazing Grace

Woo hoo! Or should that be Boo Hoo! The Halloween season is upon us. Pumpkins, candy corn (where does candy corn go the rest of the year?), and dressing up like a slut. What? You didn't know that Halloween is the one day a year that you can dress like a slut with no repercussions? That's a Federal Law. Not one of those wimpy little state laws. So take advantage of it ladies. Just saying.

But one of the best Halloween traditions is the corn maze. Now I don't know if you have corn mazes in your nape of the woods. If you don't, you must drive as far as it takes until you find one. Trust me, it's worth it. Have I ever lied to you? Well since that first paragraph anyway?

If you don't know where a corn maze is, I'll even help you. Though how you could ever pick out a house without knowing where all the local corn mazes are located is beyond me.

The best part about corn mazes is when people cleverly make cool things out of the maze.

Like this:

Now that's scary. A Sarah Palin corn maze. As soon as you enter it, you're in over your head. But from the talk I hear around the water cooler, a lot of people would like to get inside the VP nom.

But the best corn maze ever is probably here in Utah.

Yes, that's Utah's own American Idol Biggest Loser, David Archuletta. Some people just can't get over it. I think it looks like the Wolfman doing karoake.

And apparently judging from the top of that photo, David has thrown his hat into the presidential race. He'll never beat Brett Farve though.

But from the talk around the water cooler, there's a few ladies who'd like to get inside... oh, nevermind.

Have a good weekend. And try not to get too lost deep inside Sarah Palin. Like I do in Joe Biden's hairplugs. They're a work of art.


kris said...

I need to lay off both the Benadryl and the crack, because I was reading this and was like WOLFMAN DOING KARAOKE? I've GOT to forward this to t2ed.


Roxrocks said...

I thought the first corn maze was Aunt Jemima and the second was Donny Osmond. I'm almost as out of touch as John McCain...

lostinutah said...

I'd rather listen to Brett sing than Archuleta. And one thing I don't think Brett does well is sing. The other is dance (if you've seen the end credits of Something About Mary, you know what I mean).

I'm surprised there isn't a maze of the temple.

t2ed said...

Lost, don't give people ideas!

And Brett can sing and dance. There's nothing he can do.

Except throw the ball away instead of trying to force one in there in a playoff game. D'oh!

lostinutah said...

Hey, at least he made it that far. :)

We all have our crosses to Bear. Or our Lions to bear. Pretty much sucks being a NFC North fan this year.

t2ed said...

At least the Lions are finally free of the curse of Matt Millen.

Not that it's going to matter this week against Da Bears.

They're not even selling out the home games anymore. That's what caused the firing.

lostinutah said...

Please remember the Bears Still Suck.

Wicked H said...

On the plus side, my Skins are doing fabulously!

I'll bet I just jinxed them....

[F]oxymoron said...

So true, so true... H-day, Hooter's Day, is the only time I see the streets pulsating with Hooter's girls. And scantily dressed vampires, princesses, and nurses.