Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

Oh, PETA. How I enjoy your media hogging antics. No matter how stupid they are and how ridiculous and impractical they might be. Like breast milk ice cream.

This time they're trying to keep us from eating fish. Slimy, smelly, worm-lunching fish. Comes in sticks or at Long John Silver's. You may have heard of it.

And their great PR ploy? They're going to try to trick us into calling them Sea Kittens. Yeah, that's going to work. Because if I think it's cute and cuddly, I won't want to dive into a big platter of breaded goodness with some french fries. Nice try, hacks.

I figure if some PR weasels can try to tell us to rename something that already has a perfectly good name, why not me.

As of now, I'm forming another organization. It's called PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals.

And we're starting with sushi for lunch.

This is the only sea kitty you out to be worried about. If you see that adorable critter at the beach, I hope you're Michael Phelps.


Skyzi said...

Finally, a cause I can't get behind. Pass the bacon wrapped salmon.

Roxrocks said...

Bacon wrapped scallops too! Throw in some sole with a little cucumber dill sauce and I'm in!

[F]oxymoron said...

Sign me up. And make sure you recruit a bunch of hot, idealistic young women to fight for the cause.

Anonymous said...

I wish PETA (the veggie group) weren't so damned extreme. It's like they're trying to keep people from being on their side.

If you want your PETA to take off, you should create some fliers and stuff with blood-spattered zucchini and broccoli and tell people that basil plants have to live caged up in greenhouses for their entire lives.

By the way, I re-read that you tagged me. I should get on that.

foundinidaho said...

People Eating Tasty Animals. Yum. Which is why I buy beef from my uncle each year. He raises tasty animals.

I love animals, obviously, since I have four freaking evil pets. But I will never be a vegetarian!

Cat said...

Right on! Although aren't you at least a tiny bit curious about what the breast milk ice cream would taste like? God, I know I am.

t2ed said...

I'll try it only if I can get it straight from the tap.

And take a tour from the farm where they harvest it.

Anonymous said...

I just re-read my comment: "If you want your PETA to take off..." I don't think any man wants his peta to take off, despite the obvious resemblance to a rocket ship.