Friday, May 30, 2008

Dish in the City

I can't wait for this afternoon. It's only going to be the Best. Movie. Ever.

Me and all the gal pals (of which I have none) are going to hit the coffee shop and dish about everything. Who's not talking to whom and why, which minivan is best on gas mileage, what's wrong with our mates, best place for manis and pedis, talk about how much we like make up, lipstick, and pretty little frilly things and our feelings.

Then we'll hit the matinee before we have to pick up the urchins from school.

And while I can't wait for Sex in the Suburbs, I have heard some disturbing things about the production. First, the city turns out to be Schenectady. And they could only get Sarah Jessica Parker to say her lines by rubbing peanut butter on her upper lip. And she was a little distracted during the press tour because of her upcoming preparations for the Belmont Stakes.

I always liked her more when she was just a Square Peg.


kitkat said...

Everyone is taking this opportunity to make fun of Sarah Jessica Parker, but I like her. I don't like SATC, but I like her. Sue me.

Sex in the Suburbs would definitely have to follow several women around, otherwise they'd have too little subject material.

kris said...

Sex in the Suburbs:

Mandy: barista at a Starbucks. In a strip mall. Still wears retainer.

Mona Baranski: inappropriately sexy and tipsy older woman living in daughter's guest house. Volunteers as crossing guard.

Kimmay: the sporty spice of the bunch. Leaves a trail of broken hearts and windows as she bats her way through the suburbs.

Connie: lives in her minivan down by the lake. The lake in the middle of the country club.