Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whale of a Tale

Sad news today. At Discovery Cove in Orlando, two dolphins collided in mid-air resulting in the death of a 30 year old Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin named Sharky. The other dolphin is fine, but his insurance premiums will be doubling.

Apparently both dolphins were performing a mid air stunt and simply ran into each other while in mid-air. Official say this was just a freak accident.


I don’t know what to mako of this. It sounds fishy. Undoubtedly, it happened on porpoise. They probably need to fine tuna their act. I’m guessing that Sharky haddock coming. Probably a case of tank rage. Sharky probably flippered off someone she shouldn’t have. Maybe even catfishing around with someone else’s husband and finally got stung. Stung-ray, that is.

She always had a large mouth and an even bigger bass. She pissed off the wrong ladyfish and things got a roughy. Now her sole is in Davey Jones’ Locker. Thank cod it didn’t happen to you.
And she was only 30, but she never backed down. She was no chicken of the sea. And having been in show biz, at least she was a StarKist.

I better shut up before I get a cutthroat. Shut your mouthbrooder. Hey, I’m just talking 'bout Shad.


kitkat said...

"Thank cod." There's something oddly comforting about a big fish in the sky watching over us.

brookem said...

oh no, this makes me sad.

not your comments, those make me laugh.

but the rest of it. the... collision. oof.

Anonymous said...


sleepless in seattle said...

This post is really tipping the scales. I'm floundering for a response. I like the way you clown around. Do you have any morey? I think I'm almost finnished. In Cod we trout?

I couldn't think of any puns for humu humu nuku nuku apuaa.

If you're a fisherman, I bet you're a master baiter, and good at holding the pole. Please don't snapper at me.

Couldn't resist said...

I bet the mouthbrooder doesn't swallow.