Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Keeping Up With The Dr. Jones's

This weekend was a whirlwind of action, adventure, derring do and home projects don’t. At least the addition of an extra day to the weekend made me feel less rushed than usual in the timetravelling feel of the typical weekend.

Time travel is real and doesn’t just exist in crappy fiction. Go to work and the clock never moves. Just like traffic. But go home for the weekend and eat breakfast and read the paper and bang it’s noon by the time you think about getting out of your jammies and/or lingerie to go down to the Sprawl Mart for something large and carnivorous to feast upon later in the day.

Anyhoo, the Wife and I had re-watched all of the Indiana Jones movies over the past week to see if we could recapture that feeling for George Lucas’s stilted dialogue and improbable plot points. That being said, if I’m ever in a plane that’s going down in the mountains, I’m jumping with the safety raft. You never know. Then on Saturday we went to the theater and saw a local production of a send up of all the Indy Movies called Indianapolis Jones and the Raiders of the Temple of the Kingdom of the Last Crusade. It was funny and the cast continuously made fun of the medium and their lame props/scenery.

Then we went to see the new flick on Sunday morning. Interestingly, this theater is so huge that two of the rooms were hosting a church service in them. I immediately wanted to claim we were going to church and then sneak into the theater, but the Wife put an end to it. I'd probably tend to be suspicious of any church that used popcorn for the communion. And anyone knows that Milk Duds do grant eternal salvation.

It was fine. I’d probably rank it as the third best of all four movies in the trilogy. An entertaining way to spend two hours and you really don’t see it coming when Indy gets killed at the end. Sorry if I gave anything away there. It’ll still be really dramatic even if you don’t see the Russians assassin squad sneaking up on him. Just relax and enjoy the movie. Indy getting killed will still be a surprise I swear.

Finally to cap off the All Indy All The Time Weekend, we dug in our yard for archeological artifacts like dog poo and Indian burial plots. I was surprised to find all those Indian headstones. Is this something I should be worried about? Some guy named D0 Not Disturb Ancient Burial Site or Cursed You Will Be was there. Man is that a funny name or what? Those Indians were really creative that way.

We did find some old bones which I just chucked over the fence to make room for the sprinkler system. Funny how there were back where we found them this morning. I'm sure it was probably the same wind which I heard moaning all night.


heartinhand said...

What is this Indiana Jones thing you speak of?

Dunebuggy said...

Glad to see with all the fun you had, you still had time to fit in some chores. More husbands should be more like you.