Friday, November 09, 2007

Walking On Sunshine

Because it's getting to be the time of year when snow actually falls and sticks in the Great Grey North (check local listings), I'm trying to teach the hairy one that walking on the treadmill is good for him.

For some strange reason, he'd just rather do this:

When not trying to be the world's hairiest lap blanket, Guinness the Wonder Dog loves to run around like a maniac. Thus far that involves someone being outside to observe the insanity and not just doing it while staying in the same place ala the treadmill.

And someone actually asked if he was named after the actor. As far as you know, it's the Big Book of Records. Because the picture of the world's longest fingernails didn't traumatize me enough when I was a spud. Brilliant.


Mrs. Monkey said...

I heart Guinness! Nothing like a good dog post.

I've sadly become one of those people shopping the clothing isle at the Petco. She's just so cute wearing her clothes like a little person!

Reigning Frog said...

He looks like he'd much rather have a McDonald's hashbrown than walk on the treadmill.

PS - I thought I saw gross fingernails last time I went to Wal-Mart, but she's got them beat!