Friday, November 30, 2007

House Party

Because the Wife and I will soon be going through a Major Change in our personal existence [more on that later when I have the stomach to write about it] , we're having to put up with a lot of strangers right now. Lots of folks are walking through our lives and commenting upon things. I don't do strangers well at the best of times. But when people who are even less than acquaintances have all sorts of helpful "advice" for me, I can be downright surly.

For example, I never knew how many opinions there are on bathroom vanities. And don't get me started on window treatments.

I think the only thing that may be comparable to this is getting pregnant. It's the only other time where complete strangers wander up to you and want to rub your belly and offer unsolicited advice about what you need to do.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to tell people to shut the hell up and then blame it on rampaging hormones. And I may name my rock and roll band The Rampaging Hormones. We'll play a lot of Ramones covers and see if anyone gets the reference.

Now I have to go schedule my teenage lobotomy.

1 comment:

Cincinatti said...

Glad to see you back, been missin' your blog.

Maybe you need to be sedated? (more unsolicited advice)

Did you like "Knocked Up.?

Good luck with your major change.