Friday, November 16, 2007

Super Parrot Trooper

We really got lucky with this Writer's Guild Strike. Luckily, John Edwards is going to join them on the picket line because there will be cameras there. Hope he goes for that sleeves rolled up, jacket over the shoulder look that makes him so dreamy.

But we initially had a little trouble as we couldn't get any carry out food delivered because Hop Sing wouldn't cross the picket line and thought we were scabs. We finally had to let him read a couple of our scripts and he quickly realized that clearly no one involved with Parrot Trooper was a professional writer.

Unfortunately, because all the other shows (except for crummy game shows and reality shows) are halted, the Notwork (what we call the network) has asked for very special hour long shows to foist off on entice advertisers to go with our first run shows. We're also completely whoring out with product placements but are still arguing with the Notwork Mouthpieces about the Trojan condom episode. That may just have to be released on the web.

Anyways, here is this week's very special episode.
  • Mookie & I play skeeball (and a plug for Axe body spray)
  • Bob the Talking Parrot gives me a great idea for a gun that temporarily sprays "asshole" on anything it's aimed at. We expect this to revolutize highway travel. (Plug for Ford F-150 trucks)
  • James steals the prototype "Hole-itzer" but accidentally shoots his own house (plug for Glidden paint)
  • The city jails James for public indecency (plug for Playboy magazine)
  • Mookie argues on James' behalf for free speech while I make eyes at the hot, brunette prosecuting attorney (plug for stage version of Twelve Angry Men)
  • James gets jailed for contempt after yelling "This whole Court is out of order." James is restrained and removed from the court room (product placement for Taser personal protective devices)
  • Mookie wins the case by arranging to have thousands of letters addressed to Barry Bonds delivered to the court
  • Cameo appearance by Mr. Amy Winehouse who shares a cell with James (product placement for Amy's latest album, Back to Black)
  • Mookie discovers the hot attorney also has a sister so we double date (plug for Applebee's)
  • Bob the Talking Parrot writes on his blog about the Hole-itzer and how important free speech is. Along the way, we learn a little something. (product placement for Dell)

Whew, wasting 44 minutes on tv is almost as hard as wasting 22 minutes. At least we didn't have to try to cram in some crap about the environment in an obvious grandstanding ploy.

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wkrp said...

I read this morning that they'll resume talks to end the strike on 11/26. How nice of them take the Thanksgiving holiday off. Good luck with your script.