Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Blockbuster

While I hear there is some movie about a young wizard coming out today, I'd rather go see this flick.

You don't need to be some kind of genius at running payroll software to know that this picture is going to set all sorts of movie records. That's got to be a lot better than robot cars or car robots or whatever the hell it is that Michael Bay is trying to shove down our throats.

I don't want to say Michael Bay is a crummy director (because my Momma told me if you can't say anything nice you should just go ahead and blog about it), but let me give you two words of advice -- Pearl Harbor.

I think the little wizard movie is called Scary Potty and the Cash Cow. I haven't heard anything about it. It's probably a little indie flick done on the cheap by a first time director. Hope they manage to make their money back....I just love rooting for the little guy. Especially if he got Shrek preggers.


Jamie/foundme said...

I liked the Transformers movie, it was a little different. But that movie about pirates getting Shrek pregnant sounds FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

That's got to be a lot better than robot cars or car robots or whatever the hell it is

Duh! They're alien robots that look like cars. Sheesh.

I feel like the only person in the world without a Harry Potter addiction. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really missing out, but I figure I'm enough of a nerd already without Harry's help.

Chunks said...

My hubby brought the Tween and her cousin to town at 5PM to line up for an 8PM showing of Harry Potter. I'll wait until the DVD comes out.

Kevin said...

lol, nice film sign.

I heard Transformers is actually a very good movie... by some people I would not have expected to hear that from. I have not seen it yet personally though.

I wouldn't mind seeing the new Harry Potter though. I am a fan. hehe

Kate the Peon said...

Ha! Only your mind, t2.