Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Getting the Hell Out Redux

Thanks for all the swell suggestions about where Wife and I should buy real estate. Just to recap the advice, it was:
  • San Fran
  • Vermont
  • Savannah
  • Oregon
  • Texas

I'm not sure about San Fran. All those Californians and you need to take out a cash advance just to pay for your parking. I really think the entire economy of San Francisco is based upon coffee shops and parking. Wife has to travel there on business a fair amount. And if we could somehow exist in a cardboard box, it would be perfect.

Vermont? What's in Vermont other than Bob Newhart's fictional inn? Do they make Maple Syrup there? Seriously, I don't know anything about Vermont other than it's supposed to be nice in the Fall. Just like Michigan. Not enough to warrant staying there.

Savannah is still on the list. I did read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil though I never saw the movie despite John Cusack's inclusion in the cast. This one is still in the running.

Oregon is a mystery. I don't know anything about it other than the University mascot is the duck. And that Californians are moving up there at a rapid pace and that the Oregonians aren't too crazy about it. Is it as rainy as Washington state? A good possibility?

Texas is out. Wife and I both had the opportunity to work with lots of Texans. I believe that Texans are where all the rumors about ugly Americans come from. I know some great Texans. But I know a lot more worse ones.

Yeah, we're still clueless about where we should go. That RV Lifestyle is sounding better and better.

And I'm a little surprised no one suggest that I go to Hell, Michigan to retire. Because that's probably where I'm going to wind up anyway. Interestingly enough, Hell isn't that far away from Climax.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

What's in Vermont other than Bob Newhart's fictional inn?

Don't forget about "Snow-snow-snow." (That's from White Christmas with Bing Crosby.)

I lived in WA when I was a little kid, but I never spent much time in OR. I hear, though, that the weather is similar, but probably a little warmer in general. The thing is, WA is only rainy on the coast, but east of the Cascades, you get the traditional seasons. I believe OR is the same way.

Kevin said...

lol about Texas. I know a lot of great people from there, but a lot of not so great as well. Hehe. I also know that real estate is very cheap there in comparison to other parts of the country, which is the main reason I recommended it. :)

I've never been to oregon, but my best friend currently lives there and enjoys it. He's in Seattle.