Monday, July 09, 2007

Beisbol Been Berry, Berry Good To Me

It's the Home Run Derby tonight on telebision. And while I admit it's one of the few beisbol (disc 4, track 25) events Wife and I sit around on our home furniture and watch together, it's a tradition in our Shaque D'Amour.

I don't remember how it got started. It may have been when McGwire and Sosa were hitting them out of the park. Please add your own asterisk here.

After I make chili dogs, we curl up and watch the boys go yard. Normally when baseball is on in the house, I'm watching it by myself. Or Wife is reading a People while I'm watching the Tabbies go at it.

Wife may hearken back to the first time she ever came and watched me play ball. I hit a grand salami to win the game. My only one in organized play and she still remembers it. I must have been pumped up to have a real live Baseball Annie come to watch me play.

If we really want to feel like we're at the park, I'll take my shirt off, spill beer on her, spew profanities and throw peanut shells on the carpet. Ahhh, the great American past time. How come so many guys are named Gonzalez?

Enjoy the game, kids.


Wicked H said...

Put him in Coach! He is ready to play....

Kim said...

The most entertaining thing about last nights homerun derby?

Kenny Mayne.

And maybe Alex Rios' cute tush.

t2ed said...

Wife always picks the sluggers who have the biggest booty as her likely winner.

Yeah, didn't work out to well for Prince Fielder.