Monday, July 02, 2007

Just a Couple of Hoo Haws

As proof that Wife & I are both crazy, I submit the following True Tale of Love.

Usually on Sunday mornings, Wife and I go out to breakfast to ensure we get our RDBA (Recommended Daily Bacon Allowance). Two weeks ago, our breakie break was after we had been to see Frank Caliendo in concert.

As a brief aside, if you don't know who Frank is, make sure you check him live and not just on the interwebs. He's an amazing impressionist who also happens to be hilarious. You've probably seen him on Fox NFL Sunday or David Letterman or You Tube. Frank does an amazing Al Pacino.

So feeling saucy and bacon-enriched, Wife and I hit the grocery store (where I would walk slowly by the bacon aisle) for a couple of essentials. As I'm parking, I notice a Meemaw with her minivan door open and she is nattering to her Peepaw.

So I park a few spots away and as she continues to talk loudly, I walk by and let out a Pacino-esque "Hoo Haw!" at the top of my lungs. Wife immediately begins to laugh and Meemaw says, "Yes, it is hot out."

Flash forward to a week later. It's after a bacon gorging and we're at the same grocery store before we head back to our luxury home. I'm heading inside and luckily no Meemaw is in sight. As I turn around to look back at the Wife, she beats me to the bunch by shouting out "Hoo Haw! and completely cracks me up."

Yeah, she gets me.


Chunks said...

I have a few of these stories too, it's nice when someone "gets you" isn't it?

I didn't know there was an RDBA! OMG, I've been neglecting that part of my diet! Although I am pretty sure I have exceeded my Daily Recommended One Bite Brownie Allowance...

Kate the Peon said...

I actually know a guy who's friends-ish with Frank. They went to high school together.

I know, I rock. Six degrees of fame ain't got nuttin on me.