Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hot Stove, Cool Music

While some people are off gallivanting, some of us are stuck in our house waiting for the Appliance Man to show up.

Wife and I have one of those swell stoves with no burners and no range hoods. That's because the people who owned this house before us were loaded and couldn't possibly be bothered with anything except the latest appliances.

And those appliances are swell until they bust.

All that glass on top of the stove cracks from thermal heating and then you need to contact NASA for the part. And apparently they ship a glass stove top without any padding and are surprised when it shows up busted. Glass breaks? Who knew? So then you get to request the part again which adds another week to the process.

I think the best part is that they let you know they'll be at your house between either 8 and 12 or 1 and 5. You've got to agree that a 4 hour range is pretty big. I'm not sure why they just don't tell you the time will be "When We Freaking Feel Like Showing Up."

Would you ever accept that answer from anyone else? If your best friend told you they'd meet you somewhere for dinner and it would be between 5 and 9, you'd tell them to go to hell. But you have to take it from these guys. Just like you had to take care of the broken counter top that showed up and that they wouldn't even haul away. But you have to take it from the Appliance Guys because there's nothing you can do.

Nothing except order a third counter top and see how much you can get for it on eBay.


kris said...

Know that no matter how much gallivanting is taking place, I'm thinking of you. With each and every fifth glass of free Cab . .

Anonymous said...

When the appliance guys came to deliver our range, they brought a power cord--it didn't seem strange to whoever brought it that it was a dryer cord. Thankfully, someone had a spare. Gotta love those guys.

Chunks said...

I've got to try to find a handle for a fridge that the previous owners broke then glued it back together with some weird substance. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

OK, I know I am responding to an old post. But maybe it will enlighten some other folks.

A four hour window is standard in service. It is IMPOSSIBLE to give an exact time unless you only schedule 3 appointments a day and charge a $300 minimum. You would complain about that, right? Be glad it isn't like some other service industries who say between 8-5 and then do not even show up. First, the tech travels, usually throughout an entire county. Second, you can never know how long each appointment will take. Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes.

So, a 4 hour window is not bad. If the tech shows up, does his job well, and treats you with courtesy and respect, then you got a fair deal. They should charge you extra for whining.

And about the parts.....complain to the manufacturer. It is totally out of the service company's control.