Friday, July 06, 2007

Getting the Hell Out

Wife and I are finally at the age (early 40's) where we can think about where we want to retire. Really it's just the "What the hell are we going to do in about 20 years because we're ditching this shitty Michigan weather" stage, but you get the idea.

We've kicked around several spots, but all seem to have some flaw or two in them.

--North Carolina: Here's what I know about North Carolina and beaufort nc real estate. It's really windy in NC because that's where the Wright brothers had to go when Ohio wasn't windy enough. Their hockey team is named the Hurricanes which doesn't bode well for a retirement home which may mean losing all your stuff. They're good at basketball. But I'd miss the rough and tumble (maybe even dirty) play of the Big 10. Aren't the Outer Banks supposed to be really nice?

--Hawaii: I can't believe we'll ever be able to afford real estate their that doesn't involve a winning lottery ticket or some kind of criminal activity. Plus wouldn't every stray acquaintance you ever knew show up and want to stay with you?

--Savannah, GA: Never been but heard it's nice. I've also heard that it can be "stuffy" to new arrivals. I've also heard that all the humidity in the US is actually made in Savannah and shipped out to other parts of the country.

--Jamaica: Awesome to visit. Not sure I could really live there if it wasn't at an all inclusive resort where all my food and liquor was included. Medical care seemed a bit sketchy. Hurricanes are a given. No idea what real estate costs there. Seemed like plenty of beach was still available.

--Arizona: I've lived here before and now that my Sister moved to Tucson, I don't think the state's big enough. Arizona tricks all the Midwesterners by having them come out in March when it sucks back there and it's paradise in 'Zona. If you ask about how hot it gets, they'll tell you it's a dry heat. But put your oven on low and put your head in it. That's a dry heat too. They call it September though. Another minus, how do you like driving in oven mitts?

So that leaves us with nothing. Maybe one of those RV's and we can roam the country like in Lost in America?

Anyone else got any ideas?


Jamie/foundme said...

Have you thought about say... San Francisco? Or at least, close enough to go to the city, enjoy the weather, but far enough to not pay the costs and live in a city?

Chunks said...

What about Vermont? You could buy an Inn and be like Bob Newhart. That is what I want to do when I retire. I'm kind of retired now, I suppose and I do a lot of cooking and cleaning, much like I would do if I ran an Inn.

Vermont in the fall though, wouldn't that be nice?

Anonymous said...

If you read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, it'll make Savannah seem like a really cool place to live--despite the whole murder thing.

My vote is for Oregon--I hear that housing prices are still very reasonable, and you can choose the kind of weather you want: rainy and mild on the coast and typical 4 seasons on the eastern part. Or you can get the same weather in WA at a higher cost.

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Kevin said...

What about Texas? It's a nice area, except when it's being drowned in rainfall. Although, that didn't happen quite so bad last year... :)