Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Love Grocery Style

I have written before of Wife's and my adventures in true grocery love. And it's happened again. I don't understand what the strange phemomena is that leads to hijinx at the Piggly Wiggly (or SBJ forbid, the Hinky Dinky), but something always seems to happen there.

Wife and I had loaded all of our Golf Equipment in the Wondermobile, but needed to make a quick stop at the Try 'N Save for some liquid refreshments before the round was to commence.

As we were in the store and headed back to the wonderful aisle containing all the beveragi (that's plural for beverage), we see a lady carrying two Bay City Honey Rocks. Yes, the same Bay City the Rollers named themselves after that fateful dart toss. And she's carrying these cantelope at just the right spot.

Unable to resist such an obvious ploy for a great old joke, I immediately inhale and get ready to drop my little entendre doublay. Before I can spit it out, Wife looks directly at me and says through gritted teeth, "Don't!" Completely busted.

Yeah, she gets me.


Kevin said...

Haha. Too funny!

Chunks said...

Ba-zing! Your wife is two steps ahead of you my man, I admire that!!