Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kick Ass Barbeque

Now for the purposes any law enforcement authorities who may be reading this, I don't advocate lawlessness. I certainly understand it, but would never advocate or participate in such activities.

As far as you know.

But some scofflaws in Adelaide, Australia made off with $7000 of meat.

And because the local constabulary found broken tail lights on the ground, they postulate that the criminals backed a car into the doors to force them open. That butcher should have been using an SD card for security. Or a vegetarian dog.

Why do I think this was a crime of opportunity? I see some drunk guys driving around and deciding they want something to eat. No burger joints are open so they decide to grab some meat and fire it up on the barbie. The grill not the doll.

And now you know the cops are going to be on the lookout for some hot meat. Or a really overstocked Schwan's truck.

These guys can't be too stupid. At least they got away with the goods. For now. Until some jealous neighbor squeals like a pig on them for not sharing all that rich bacony goodness. You know someone will want to be cut in on the caper and muscle in on the action.

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Chunks said...

That's a lot of meat.