Friday, April 10, 2009

Wooly Bully

Well thanks to the commies in North Carolina, we're going to be forced to sell the Great Lakes to Canada. If only MSU had won the ball game. Oh, well. I'm sure we'll all soon get used to drinking our own urine out of the recyclers soon.

How bad is it in Michigan now? Well, we're arguing about Bull Mastiff sperm. In divorce court of course.

It's true. In Oakland County (that's the ritzy suburb outside of Detroit) a couple is arguing over who owns the sperm of their three dogs Cyrus, Reg and Romeo. Go figure Romeo is a lover and not a fighter.

So when you think maybe your job really sucks this weekend. Just remember that you could be harvesting Bull Mastiff semen in Michigan.

Man, and my dogs follow me all over the house now. Isn't the dog supposed to be man's best friend? But that probably is one way to get your dog to finally quiet down and take a nap. Hope they don't let those Big Sweeties smoke afterward.

I'll spare you any lame jokes about divorce cases being a real dog fight. You're welcome.

Have a good weekend, kids.


[F]oxymoron said...

For you and your readers...

During university I had the "luxury" of seeing a professional poultry scientist expedite the release of sperm from a chicken... this was his job... full time. He also, at the time, as a leader in his field, made between 80-90 thousand dollars each year.


Roxrocks said...

Humans are ridiculous. If these people have nothing better to fight about than who jerks off the dog, well, they should get remarried because they deserve each other!

Angie said...

Bull Mastiff Sperm is supposed to be excellent for psoriasis