Friday, April 24, 2009

This Land is My Land

Okay, first of all, I'm allowed to make fun of Ohio because I was born there. As my crazy cousin puts it, Ohio is a great place to grow up then get the hell out."

And this video for Cleveland is in no way inspired by the Cavaliers absolutely kicking the hell out of the Pistons in the playoffs this year. That Billups for Iverson trade certainly worked out for everyone involved. Enjoy your trophy, Lebron. I'm rooting for you a lot more than I am for Kobe. But then I guess I have a bit of a problem with rapists going free. I haven't forgotten, Kobe, even if Laker fans have. Hey, I may bring a pair of women's panties to Sunday's game and try to throw them on the court when you get introduced.

Okay, enough of my Kobe rant. Back to Cleveland, kids. Book your plane tix now.

There really is a lot to do in Cleveland. The Tribe, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and chicken wing places. Or the tour of the Christmas Story home.

But I'm still laughing my ass off at this vid.


foundinidaho said...

As a Jazz fan, I hate Kobe. As a woman, I hate Kobe.

I just hate Kobe, I guess.

Go anyone but the Lakers, but particularly the Jazz. After all, they have a player named Boozer. Heh.

LMc1381 said...

I've never been to Ohio, but I have a cousin that lives near Cleveland, this video definitely made me want to call him up and plan a trip!

Roxrocks said...

I want to go to the RnR Hall of Fame. Even though it's in Cleveland.