Friday, April 03, 2009

Juke Box Hero

The response to Accordion Hero has been amazing. One whole comment from a very special reader. Who clearly needs a hobby and a more discriminating sense of humor. Hey, at least it wasn't a cheap boobie joke for a change. Who says we can't grow? Oh, Robert Reich.

Wow, cheap short jokes instead of boobie jokes. This is progress?

Now I'm going to have to finish up that St. Joseph University Online Management Certificate Program and get my act in gear. I'm definitely going to need that CAPM certificate because I'm going to have a lot of irons in the fire.

Sure that degree is typically for Engineering Managers, Construction Managers, and other various and sundry management types. But a snarky Marketing whiz with a Masters in Tonguefoolery can get one too.

And I'm going to really, really need it. Because I've got the Xbox People, the Sony Playstation 3 people and the Wii People (they're really small) locked in an auction for my next new product launch. I'm not certain what exactly it'll be, but I've narrowed it down.

- Banjo Hero
- Tuba Hero
- Kettle Drum Hero
- Xylophone Hero
- Groupie Hero
- Triangle Hero
- Harmonica Hero
- Concert Promoter Hero
- Cannon Hero (you really only work on National Holidays)
- Cello Hero
- Roadie Hero
- Trombone Hero
- Bagpipe Hero
- Record Business Weasel Hero (turns out you don't do anything actually)

They're all sure to be extremely popular.

We were also going to have an Illegal Download Hero, but the Napster people put the kibosh on that.

Keep practicing kids. There's no greater rush than finally being able to play Flight of the Bumblebee on Expert Mode on Accordion Hero.

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Roxrocks said...

Groupie Hero. I like it. The Groupies could be the girls from the Rock of Love Tour Bus!