Saturday, April 11, 2009

You Spin Me Round

If you hadn't heard, Marvel is now streaming the old Spiderman cartoons.

If you don't remember it (because it's almost as old as me) it's below. Unless that code is being wonky again, in which case go here to refresh your recollection.

The best part of this is that Canadian comedian (known officially as a Canedian) Greg Morton had just done a new song on the Bob & Tom show to this same tune. You may already know Greg from his entire encapsulation of Star Wars.

To to the tune of Spiderman (or Spiderpig if you follow the Simpsons) here it be:

Biologically, something's wrong
Has six kids, wants 8 more
She's a narcissistic, greedy whore
Look out!
Here comes the Octomom

Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil
Please prescribe her a wake up pill
How can she possibly
Feed those kids
And go pee?
Hey there!
There goes the Octomom

It was in the news
She has no job
And no spouse
But with interviews
She can buy
A new house

She thinks babies
Are Pokemon
Moved to my neighborhood
Privacy, gone for good
Hey there!
There goes the Octomom.
Hey there
She's Nadya Sulemaaaaaannnnnnnnn

Now I've got to put on a cape and hop around on the couch like I have super powers.


foundinidaho said...

Spiderpig, Spiderpig, doing whatever a Spiderpig does!


Roxrocks said...

I can't wait until the Octo-whore's 15 minutes are up!

That being said, I love the old Spiderman cartoons! My favorite is when the jewel thieves used the women to shrink all the stolen property and put it in their purses. Am I remembering that right? I also loved "The Rhino" and know a guy in real life that looks just like the rhino!

LMc1381 said...

Octomom's 15 minutes isn't up yet, I was just watching the NEWS this morning and now her last child is out of the hospital and now home with the 500 other kids. I just feel badly for the kids.