Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie-Woogie Flu

Is anyone else tired of hearing about Swine Flu?

I'm still pissy about having to do a bunch of work on SARS communication plans at one of my prior jobs. What a complete waste of time? Guess what, kids? People get sick and get the flu all the time. And because the media doesn't understand science, they use fearmongering and panic to get you to watch the news.

Guess the headline "Thousand Die From Regular Flu Anyway" isn't quite as eye catching.

Did we say 150 people died from Swine Flu? We meant 7. Thanks World Health Organization. You're better off getting your medical advice from Pete Townsend. Just don't let him borrow your computer. It might at least be a little entertaining had we not already done this before.

I wish I could say it as well as Drew, the guy from Fark:

Here's why you shouldn't panic:

- The Mexican Government estimates that 86 people (or more) have died from Swine Flu. Okay, that's tragic. But why the hell are we taking their numbers at face value? For starters, if you read the fine print the death numbers being tossed around are estimates. There are 18 confirmed deaths so far. Which ain't awesome, but it's a damn sight better than a hundred.

- In quite a few articles I've read, I've seen statements to the effect of researchers aren't sure why the cases in the US and Canada appear to be milder than the ones in Mexico and none have resulted in death. I know we'd all like to pretend that Mexico has its act together, but last time I checked Mexico was a third world country with third world healthcare. Do the math.

- Speaking of no one having died in the US and Canada, not only has no one in a first world country died from Swine Flu yet, but so far no one's even rumored to be in danger of dying. And most of the confirmed cases got better on their own after a few days at home. EVERYBODY PANIC

- It is no doubt a source of great disappointment to MSM that they can't add that Swine Flu is "drug resistant" or "there's no known cure". Because it's neither, it responds to Tamiflu and other treatments. Yes, I realize there are distribution hurdles in the event of a huge outbreak, but currently it's not an issue and I don't expect it will become one.

PS: if anyone is offended by my portrayal of the Mexican Government and their suckasstic healthcare system as a bunch of 3rd world incompetent boobs, which they are, you'll get over it.

You won't see this discussion in MSM because, as humans, we're primed to act on fear. It's human nature. MSM is a reflection of what people are reacting to, not a reflection of what's actually going on in the world. People click the hell out of fearmongering articles, so MSM keeps running them. That, and no MSM outlet wants to be the guys who "didn't see it coming". Buncha pansies.

The problem with making fun of MSM pandemic reporting is that eventually there's going to be a pandemic. You don't have to be Nostradamus to make that call, it's as likely as War, Famine, Taxes, and me drinking beer after dinner (or during). So, although I put myself at risk of contracting "Long Term Idiot Stigma" by saying it, let me be the first to tell you this ain't the big one.

Don't Panic.

Frankly, until this starts to impact bacon production or the basketball playoffs, I'm just going to ignore it.


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Angie said...

Yes, Amen my brother. This is a quote from a Chicago college student who just recovered from this horrible illness that is "threatening all of humanity."

"I could hardly move," Hairsine said by phone. "It was a chore to get out of bed. I felt absolutely terrible. I feel like it still is the flu, but it's not so terrible that people should be freaking out the way they are."

Sounds exactly like the flu I got a couple of years ago and the Chicago Tribune didn't call me for quotes. Ridiculous.

Let me know when this is turning people into flesh eating zombies.

Cat said...

Just so long as Paris Hilton is safe...

t2ed said...

I think Paris is at risk.

Who's done more porking than her?

Roxrocks said...

Quite frankly, I'd welcome the flu. I could use the weightloss. :)