Monday, April 13, 2009

Breakfast In America

I love going out to breakfast. It probably stems from my inability to time everything required for an in home breakfast to come out in anything other than a successive wave of food. Toast, eggs, potatoes at the same time? Forget about it. That's beyond my culinary skillz.

And I love going out for breaky despite our long running national battle with The Bacon Shortage. I mean, there must be a shortage. How else can you explain only getting 2 pieces of bacon at a time? We're rationing.

And Easter breakfast is especially good.

Because I get to use my favorite joke of the year when the waitress asks me how I want my eggs:

"Easter. And can you hide them from me?"

Even better, this never gets anything other than a confused look from her. It's like a law. A powerful federal law. Not one of those wimpy little state laws.

Now I've got to finish my omelet before I go get another one.


Roxrocks said...

Derwood is on nights and that guarantees that we will have bacon and eggs at least once for dinner. Today was the day! :)

foundinidaho said...

Bacon shortage? I've not been apprised of this shortage. That's a disaster!

Hey, how about that new dog in the White House? Is Tiki strutting around proudly?