Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Just think. In a few short hours, the Detroit Lions will ruin a young man's life.

Somewhere Joey Harrington is still in a fetal position rocking back and forth and whispering "The horror, the horror."

If only the Onion didn't hit it right on the head.

Report: Lions To Use No. 1 Pick In NFL Draft On Ryan Leaf

But then they could have pretty much gone with any Lions quarterback since Erik Kramer for this joke. And just off the top of my head that list includes: Andre Ware, Chuck Long, the previously mentioned My Pal Joey, Scott Mitchell, Rodney Peete. I'm sure there are others.

But seriously, kids. If you're sitting around today and find yourself watching the draft, you may need a support group. Or at the very least two dogs who want to go outside and run around until they're about to drop. And then run around for at least a half hour more. Give me a call, I'll let you have them for a few hours. Think of them as an exercise machine with fur.

1 comment:

foundinidaho said...

Ryan Leaf...bwwwhahahahahahaha.

I'm so sorry for you, my friend, for loving the Lions.

I just hope the Packers don't end up right there with them. The way it's going, it could happen.