Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off

...but it sure the heck helps.

The wonderminds over at someecards have captured it exactly for me.
You should be doing this romance stuff all the time not just on Hallmark holidays. Especially now that football season is over.
Impromptu gifts are always a good idea. And will immediately make your mate/spouse/squeeze wonder why you're feeling so guilty that you sprung for a gift.
Don't worry kids. You can't win, but it's most important that you're trying to play the game.
Speaking of games, here's your pop quiz:
Women are to flowers as Men are to .....
a) beer
b) blowjobs
c) steak
d) sexy lingerie
e) all of the above
Enjoy the pressure-packed day!


Roxrocks said...

This chick to flowers? That would be akin to men cleaning a toilet. That's how I would sum it up.

I was in WalMart this morning, picking up feminine hygiene products, and over the PA system, the guy starts saying "It's Valentine's Day but DON'T PANIC! Head on over to the jewelery section, then head over to seasonal for some chocolates! WalMart has you covered!" I laughed.

foundinidaho said...

I love flowers. However, not the "I spent $90 at the florist because I couldn't think of anything else" variety.

I'll take the $5 for six roses at Albertson's on a Friday night. Spontaneous is where it's at!

Not that I get either one, mind you.

Anonymous said...

My V-Day was very low-pressure:

1. Spinning class in the a.m. with Rich.
2. Trip the grocery store.
3. Home-cooked meal (by moi)
4. Saw Taken at theater with Rich.
5. Got McFlurrys on the way home.
6. Some good lovin when we got home (after the McFlurrys).

It's been a good day.