Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book of Love

So Sunday was a little crazy because as I'm getting older, I'm starting to forget things: passwords to various webtubes that require registration, how to dress properly, the library book I'm currently reading. But it's the last one that concerns our current tale.

On Sunday, I lost my book somewheres. No idea where.

Could have been the restaurant where the Wife and I engaged in public mastication. Of bacon of course. Or the dog park. Or the second dog park because there weren't enough dogs at the first park. Or the McDonald's where I had to pee from standing around in the cold for so long.

Now a slight digression. Lest you think the dogs are spoiled (they are), the dog park is solely self interest for us. First, we get to see other dogs on a purely physical basis. Second, our dogs get to sniff new butts and stop chewing on each other for almost a whole second. Third, by running around like maniacs for an hour or so, our dogs get tired and sleep for most of the day so it's like we don't have dogs at all. Except for the wet smell around the house. Yeah, this makes perfect sense.

Anyway, as the hounds were out and I wanted to read, I couldn't locate my book. Monday was spent retracing the steps to find the book. And calling the restaurant to see if anyone turned it in. Of course not.

Tuesday I steeled myself to go back to the library and fess up. I expected lecturing, recriminations, a cross exam by the Library Cop, some forms to fill out, coughing up for a new, replacement book and a notation on my permanent record that I was a scofflaw.

Amazingly, someone had already returned the Lost Book to the library.

I don't know which of my fellow Salt Lakers located the Runaway Reading Material and took it back to where it once belonged, but thank you. I know I wouldn't have done the same. I'd have turned it in to someone in apparent authority at the restaurant. Of course if I lost it in a parking lot or somewhere there might actually be no one to turn it into. But I probably wouldn't have let a library book discovery turn into an errand.

So now I've got to come up with some Random Act of Kindness or the gigantic wheel of Karma will roll back around and crush me under it. Karma, like gravity, is a harsh mistress. If I don't even the score, I'm doomed.

Maybe some situation will present itself like the convenient ending to a sitcom, but I'm not holding my breath. I've got to balance things out before I get screwed.

Any ideas, kids?


Roxrocks said...

You could buy a book at Costco and donate it to the library!

That was nice of the finder to return the book for you. See, the world is not full of assholes, there are a couple of nice people out there!

Anonymous said...

You could make a $$ donation to the library too.

Today when I was at the mall, I saw an old lady walking and digging around in her coat pocket. She accidentally dropped an envelope, and I didn't tell her. I walked behind for a good 4 minutes thinking the whole time, "I should tell her. I can't tell her now; it's too late. I should tell her." I didn't tell her, and now I'm going to get hit by a car or something.

Cat said...

Karma? What the heck ever, I say take that money and go buy a gun. Or another dog (for me).

foundinidaho said...

Just because some people in Utah are nice doesn't mean you should live there.

I am not kidding, as Dave Barry says.

That said, very nice indeed.