Monday, February 02, 2009

Mother In Law

More email from my newest, bestest, Presidential Blackberry toting buddy.

OMG. MomInLaw driving me nuts. Constant reminder that most people still live under tyranny! Does the CasaBlanca have a dungeon?

Go Steelrs!!

Lurve, BO

Hope he at least got to watch the game in peace on Sunday. Who knew he was a Steelers fan?

This does bring up a related topic: the genius of Heywood Banks. And his song for the new President

President Obama, are you a super man?
I knew you had to deal with Iraq & Afghanistan.
The polar caps are melting, the economy is in free fall.
But now I hear on top of that
You're gonna live with your Mother in Law.

Mother in Law
Haw haw haw
Your Mother in Law
Your Mother in Law

Palestinians and Israel, India and Pakistan
That North Korea Elvis Dwarf, that wacko in Iran.
They will say "Let's be friends" cause they never saw
A man who could live in the same house
With his Mother in Law

Mother in Law
Haw haw haw
Living with your Mother in Law
Living with your Mother in Law

They're closing down old Gitmo. They're closing down that place.
Dick Cheney won't be around to splash water in their face.
But the Al Queda guys will confess
At the drop of a straw
Or we'll send them off to live
With their Mother in Law


foundinidaho said...

I love Heywood Banks. I haven't heard that song yet. Now that my commute is 5 to 10 minutes, I miss out on most of Bob and Tom.

Dani said...

The more Pres. Obama texts on his crackberry the more socially acceptable it becomes... I'm all for this...

I'm surprised to not see anything about the phelps scandal... commentary to come??

Roxrocks said...

I think it's funny his initials are BO.

I've got the sense of haha of a 12 year old boy.