Sunday, February 15, 2009


By now you may have heard of the the calamitous national tragedy that faces our country. No, not the economy. We've known that's effed up for years and that no one understands it.

This is something important: the retirement of Brett Favre from the New York Bretts. Again.

Now I don't want to seem skeptical, but I seem to remember how this played out last time. And far be it from me to suggest that everyone's favorite gunslinging 39 year old quarterback has just figured out the best way in the world to get out of training camp.

This time there was no tearful press confernece, but Brett retiring is like when they used to put the cape on James Brown. He's been back more times than Jason.

No one really wants Brett to leave anyway. Not John Madden, not Frank Caliendo, not cornerbacks from the New York Giants. And let's face it, if the Lions are still allowed to be in the league, the Commish ought to force them to sign him as a free agent.

We know your shoulder hurts, Brett. But strap on the shoulder pain pump and take one for the fans. If Warner could make it to the Super Bowl at 37, just think what Brett can do at 40. How can we expect to enjoy football without that grizzled veteran improving while scrambling and then forcing one into double coverage?

Don't go, Brett. If only for the Wrangler commercials.


kapgar said...

I think this may actually be the real deal because of the lack of fanfare and public back-and-forth.

I'm a Bears fan and yet I love Brett Favre. He's a great quarterback and one I wish my Bears had for all these seasons. So I hope he does retire and stops the sullying of his reputation. I really think he should've left before last season with how good the Pack did and how much of a shining star he appeared to be. Out at the top. Or at least near it.

foundinidaho said...

He can still do the Wrangler commercials, for heaven's sake. He's retired, not dead.

And I really like to look at his butt. Heh heh.

As you know, I really do think he's done this time. And what kapgar said.

Roxrocks said...

I don't want you to think I am sucking up or anything but I thought of you the minute I read this news online. Mostly because you are the only person I know who even knows who this guy is. Making that the only reason I know who this guy is.

t2ed said...

Kap: Yeah, this reminds me of when Namath went to the Rams and Montana did the same with the Chiefs.

Found: You just want to see him in the broadcast booth. Bending over of course.

Rox: You need a better class of friends. Not everyone can be a Calgary Roughrider like Doug Flutie.

foundinidaho said...

I love Doug Flutie. Do you hate me now?