Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rock Me Amadeus

If you hadn't heard about it already, Kid Rock is getting his own microbrew.

Yup, the Michigan Brewing Company is working on a craft beverage that captures the essence of Kid. Reportedly, it will be called "American Bad Ass."

Wow, is that craptacular.

They should have brought in some high powered PR Flack types to work on the name. Then they could have come up with something good.

Something like:
  • Kid Rock Doublebock
  • Malt & Barley Jesus
  • White Trash Hefeweisen
  • Miller Lowlife
  • Pambo-Ex Porter
  • Skeeveylicious
  • Loserbrau
  • Barely Avoid Jail Ale
  • St. Paulie Punk
  • Tommy Lee Can Suck It
  • Soundslike Shitz
  • Corona Cocky
  • Assaultaholic
  • Poncho Problem Porter

Feel free to play along at home,kids.

Whatever they name it, you'll be sure to be drinking it all summer long. Because I'm sure everyone wants to be just like Kid with the many wise choices he's made in his life.

At least he hangs out in Northern Michigan. All the cool kids are doing it.


foundinidaho said...

Wife Beater (t-shirt) Wheat?

Roxrocks said...

Redneck Pale Ale. Or Pale Redneck Ale. I can't decide.

reigningfrog said...

Pam Adams Lager
My Real Name is Bob Ale
Where to do want my Genny Cream Ale?