Monday, February 23, 2009

Boom Goes the Dynamite

If you were watching last night's Gay Super Bowl, you might have noticed a Will Smith delivered line went waaaaay over the collective heads of the too-cool-for-the-room audience.

See Will was stuck delivering some technical awards. These are also known as the awards you shouldn't have to sit through: Special Effects, Editing, Director Fluffing, Sound Editing or something like that. Because Will was delivering so many awards back to back, he inevitably messed something up.

While stumbling over his lines and his inability to get out the word "outstanding", Will said, "Boom goes the dynamite."

Well kids, because you're my super secret special intertubes friends, here it is. You're probably only a sports geek if you got this one. Guilty as charged.

This guy makes Albert Brooks' network debut in Broadcast News look good.



foundinidaho said...

"Director Fluffing". Priceless.

I did watch the Gay Super Bowl but at the same time as some of it I was watching the NASCAR race. Does that make me bi-polar?

Anyhow, I missed Heath Ledger winning, which sucks.

Roxrocks said...

I only caught about ten minutes of the Gay Super Bowl, but it was Ben Stiller's appearance that I happened to catch. Best ten minutes at the Oscar's I've ever seen!