Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sexy Sarah

It may be too soon. But I don't care anymore. I'm just so happy Liz Lemon is running for Vice President. And granted I've learned more about Alaska the last little while than I ever knew before. Like they've got lots of resources like oil and natural gas. But apparently no rubber.

Here's the new product line. These shirts are going to make a bundle.

Coldest State, Hottest Governor


I ♥ Baracky Road

Now I Favor Alaskan Drilling

Eskimo Pie

Sorry, Joe. It's so. The caps and hair plugs and chairing the Foreign Relations Committee don't do it for me anymore. These are the kind of relations I'm talking 'bout. But I will miss the Joe Biden vs. Joe Liebermann VP debate. Talk about Joe-Mentum. Two great, fiery orators going toe to toe. Wow, I'll miss that.

I just wish I'd have beaten somebody to the action figure punch. Though those look like they ought to be on Robot Chicken to me.

Thank you, Ludacris for not making me recycle that Sarah Smile post title.


Roxrocks said...


She's a GILP!

Like. To.

Or Puke on.

Reigning Frog said...

Somewhere in Harlem, Bill Clinton is plotting a "switch-a-roo" with McCain.

kris said...

I don't get the VILF one. Victor? Villain? Wait. Now I get it.

lostinutah said...

I cannot explain to you how much I am ashamed we were born in the same state. And that my husband went to college with her (yes, he did, I'm not lying). He didn't know her but it's a fun fact.