Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing In the Streets

Detroit, your long-suffering national nightmare is finally over.

No, not a City Council under FBI investigation for irregularities in a sludge contract.

No, not the indictment and resignation of a mayor who sexted messages to his Chief of Staff.

No, not a Councilmember who screams at the media for being evil.

Matt Millen has finally been fired as the Lions President and General Manager.

Matt, I'm sure that 31-84 record you've had with the Lions in the last 7 years (worst in the NFL by the way) will look good on a resume when you apply to the Raiders.

1 comment:

lostinutah said...

Damn! Detroit might improve! Not good news for Packer fans.

It makes you wonder how stupid the Ford family (and whoever else owns the Lions) are...that it took this long.