Thursday, September 04, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Yes. Yes I certainly am ready for some football.

I am not ready for an Usher concert.

Nor a Mr. Nicole Kidman Keith Urban concert.

Nor a Natasha Bedingfiled song of any sort.

Quick, let's play the pyramid. Who are three artists whose CD's I will never own? Ding ding ding.

Nor hearing John Madden talk about Brett Favre. Who isn't even playing in this game.

But he should be.

He should play for every team. There should be a big wheel with all the NFL teams on it. Every week they'd spin it and Brett would go play for that team. Unless they already had a good qb like Brady or Manning. Then Brett would have to go play for the Lions that week.

Nor am I interested in seeing Al Michaels do his slow burn as John Madden refuses to either shut up or answer the question posed to him.

Please, for the love of Sweet Baby Jebus, NBC. Please show us the game. We're already tuned in. We don't need the hype. Our beverages our chilled. Our interest is piqued.

Play ball already.

Quick prediction: Giants 24, Redskins 20.


Roxrocks said...

Football. The sport my husband watches until Hockey Season starts. Meh.

Three artists CD's that I will never own? Nickelback, Nickelback and Nickelback.

kris said...

What a truly boring game. Much like my sex life.

Meg said...

It must be karma. I tried to leave you a comment earlier about how I hate the Mannings, but it wouldn't post. Now....I can't even see my team play tomorrow. This should teach me to not throw sand in the sandbox.