Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Mickey You're So Fine

There's something in the water in Wisconsin. Or maybe it's just all that beer. Lovely Leine beer.

In Green Bay (home of Lambeau Field and Brett Favre Pass), a 33 year old woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing her daughter's identity, attending high school and joining the cheerleader squad.

Wendy Brown attended Ashwaubenon High School where she passed as a 15 year old and joined the cheerleading squad. I cheerleader who was old enough to buy you beer. She would have been handy to hang out with in high school.

According to the story, "she allegedly attended practices, received a cheerleader's locker and went to a pool party at the cheerleading coach's house." Brown told a judge that she wanted to re-live her high school years that she had missed out on.

School officials are defending their incredulity inducing incompetence with claims that while the MILF looked older than a typical high school student, she had a teenage like demeanor. Officials were first tipped of when Ms. Brown arrived at school on time, paid attention in class and had a doctor's excuse when she had to have a pap smear.

And while that's a booking photo that leaves a lot to be desired, does that woman look 15 to you?

I can't believe someone would actually want to relive crappy music, acne and awkward sex that you think you have to kiss all the way through. Oops, we may be into the tmi zone there. Go about your business readers.

Well, Wendy. This is just for you.


lostinutah said...

As a high school cheerleader in 1983, I did one of the pyramids in that video - we stole it from the video.

We also had a cheer that went "Oh Wildcats you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind".

Original huh?

We did have a 19 year old in our class and he could buy beer. He was VERY useful. Cute too.

And now you know how old I am - or thereabouts.

[F]oxymoron said...

This story made it in the WAshington Post's Express...

Who knows, in another ten years (after she is discharged) we may read about her pledging a sorority?

Reigning Frog said...

She probably didn't think far enough ahead to realize that she could have become part of the popular crowd very quickly if she (legally) bought beer for everyone.

Roxrocks said...

She looks like a girl I went to high school with. I think. I don't know. I was kind of high in high school.

GreenCanary said...

*laughing at roxrocks*