Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Ran So Favre Away

I could barely take the football last night. The first game between the Packers and the Vikings.

Seriously, if Tony Kornholer doesn't shut the fuck up about Brett Favre, I'm going to put a bullet through my tv. And I don't own a gun. That's right. I'll have to go down to the gun store, fill out the forms, wait for my gun and then shoot my tv.

If Tony (who really should never, ever be shown in high def) can muse about what Brett would have done in a game he's not playing in, can I wonder how a real announcer might call a game?

Here's something that I stole from Awful Announcing. I think Tony may already have this as a tattoo.

Even the other announcers (Tirico and Jaworski) are telling him to shut up about Favre. If the New York Bretts actually get to play on Monday night, I don't think Tony will be able to call the game over his tumescence. Man I thought the Weather Channel geeks had a chubber over hurricane season. They got nothing on Tony.

There's only one way to watch this game. With the sound off and Bruce cranked. Ah, much better.

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lostinutah said...

Even though of course I adore Brett, I agree they need to shut up.

Go Pack.