Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Workin' At The Car Wash

I love being in a bigger city. There's more restaurants, movies and entertainment options. And also a lot more freaky stuff to see other than cow mailboxes.

Unfortunately, driving around to all those swell places gets the car really dirty with all the snow, slush and whatnot on the road. Whatnot is a real problem in these parts. And because I can just dump my car into the sinks in the Casa D'amour like I do with Guinness the Wonder Dog, I've got to go and roam around until I finally find a car wash somewhere near where I'm already headed. For some reason, it's completely impossible for me to go out just to get the car washed.

So when I found this place, I knew I'd never wash anywhere else. Something that probably sounded better when people were just kicking around ideas, before they actually built the place.

Yup, the ole Willy Wash.

I'm never going anywhere else. I just hope the water is warm. And not too powerful.

I'm betting that place is jammed late night on the weekend while everyone is waiting for a Willy Wash. Because there's nothing better after a long night of fun than a nice, long, unhurried Willy Wash.

It's probably a good sign if your date takes you to the Willy Wash. It's a good sign that he likes you enough to let you see him at the Willy Wash and may even want you to lend a hand. Sometimes it's hard to read the signals and tell if he likes you. But if he's taking you to the Willy Wash and maybe even lets run run the foaming wand, he likes you. I mean he likes you, likes you. You don't let just anyone help you with a Willy Wash.

Bring lots of quarters, kids.

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