Friday, April 04, 2008

We Built This City

At the new workplace, someone had the genius idea of naming all the building after Dead Presidents. I'm sure while the suits were sitting around going "harrumph" and sucking down double mocha half-caff capresso, it seemed like a good idear to honor the statesmen who had given so much to our country.

But for every Lincoln or Washington or Adams, you've got one of these:

Man, I'm betting everyone wants to work there. There is absolutely no way I can drive by this every day without giggling. I think the National Organization of Women should hold their next conference at The Johnson Building.

How old do you have to be before dick jokes stop being funny? Well, it's not 43.

Hmm, I kinda thought The Johnson would be bigger. That's what she said. And a different color for that matter. Grey Johnson sounds like a soap opera character not a building.

And heaven forbid you get stuck in this rat hole.

No one wants to work in The Zach.


Sleepless in Seattle said...

I'm sure if they combined those two buildings and named it The Taylor Johnson it would be much taller.

And perhaps The Johnson would be bigger if it just got excited, or if it were next to The Bush.

kitkat said...

Nice Bush joke.

I like that the buildings are just called "the" and then the name. So, it's not even "The Johnson Building"; it's just "The Johnson."

I don't think dick jokes will ever stop being funny. I don't think dicks will ever stop being funny either.

James Smith said...

Please remove the link to 1st in Coffee