Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Money, That's What I Want

I've never needed a cash advance. That's because I just bet against the Lions and sit back and watch the turnovers mount and the money roll in.

I don't really understand how cash advances work. I mean, they've got the money, but they're giving it to you. But just for a while. It's not like a house, that you're going to pay off in 30 years (if ever given the state of those variable mortgages right now).

But these payday loans and for short term. They know you can't be very good with money or you'd figure out how to make it last until payday. But they still give it to you. That's pretty trusting in my book.

Because if you just wanted me to "hold" your money for you, it'd be better held by placing it into a program for liquor and tawdry women. But you could always waste some of it.

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