Friday, October 12, 2007


At the Santa Clara Convent in Bari, Italy, the three remaining nuns recently turned to fisticuffs to settle their dispute. Rrrow, catfight. Let's get rrrready to rrrrepent!

In August sisters Annamaria and Gianbattista turned on the Mother Superior Liliana and scratched Lil's face and threw her to the ground. Now the responsible Archbishop has asked the Vatican for permission to close the convent. Who wouldn't want to go enforce that eviction notice?

The three sisters are Clarissa nuns and order supposedly the most austere and supposedly devoted to a life of prayer, penance and quiet contemplation. Apparently, they're contemplating a order of whup ass.

To help bolster it's flagging ratings, ESPN is adding the following fighters to The Contender:
  • Sister Lilianna aka The Mother Superior of Kicking Posterior (112 lbs, 93 yrs)
  • Sister Ivana of the Immaculate Right Cross Piccolo (115 lbs, 107 yrs)
  • Mary Catherine "The Habit Breaker" O'Shaunessey (135 lbs, 25 yrs)
  • Andrea "The Assaulter from the Altar" Chiccolini (84 lbs, 67 yrs)
  • Angelina "The Nundertaker" Cappuccine (99 lbs, 74 yrs)
  • Francesca "El Guapo" del Torrez (95 lbs, 57 yrs)
  • Katrina "Boom Boom" Mendoza (102 lbs, 45 yrs and southpaw)
  • Estelle "En Spiritu Sassy" Saachi (103 lbs, 103 yrs)

Can't wait for this show now.


Chunks said...

I love the news that comes out of the Catholic Church...makes me proud.

Reigning Frog said...

When will Sr. Angelica die already for Christ's sake?! She's so backward she still thinks sneezing is evil.