Friday, October 26, 2007

A Vote For Me Is a Vote For Me

If you believe in the fundamentally just nature of our political process, you've simply got to run out and vote for Jose ''Pepe'' Caragol who is running for City Council in Hialeah, Florida.

Pepe is not only the 76 year old incumbent, but he's using a slogan about oral sex in his campaign stumping.

When they starting handing out trophies for best slogans ever, "If you like oral sex, vote Caragol for council" has got to get one. And I've got a pretty good idea what that trophy might look like.

And while Pepe's slogan rocks in English, in Spanish it rhymes. Si te gusta el sexo oral, vote por Caragol por consejal. Who'd have ever thought oral sex in Spanish was just "sexo oral?" Guess you can just add an O to the end of any word and instantly speak Spanish. But make sure you speak very loudly and slowly.

Pepe's challenger, Mercy Dominguez has criticized the slogan and responded with a slew of new slogans:

  • We can still be friends
  • Pepe leaves a bad taste in my mouth
  • Spit out the incumbent
  • Can't we just cuddle?
  • I don't Like You Like You
  • It's Not Really Sex According to Bill

Since I'm driving the Pepe bandwagon, here's some other suggestions he can feel free to use:

  • If you don't like Bush or Dick, you'll love Pepe
  • I ♥ multiple voting
  • Pepe is Sexay
  • Mercy Dominguez is a frigid shrew
  • You Don't Actually Blow On It
  • Pepe By the Dashboard Light
  • Pepe's Too Sexy [for This Election]
  • When I Think Of You, I Vote for Pepe
  • That's Not Pepe's Chad That's Dangling
  • Pepe Blows My Mind
  • Come and Enjoy Pepe's Victory Ball

Ah, I just love a good election joke. Feel free to play along at home kids.

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Reigning Frog said...

"Guess you can just add an O to the end of any word and instantly speak Spanish."

This theory definitely holds water when ordering from the menu at Chi-Chi's or Don Pablo's.