Thursday, October 18, 2007

Consider Yourself Affirmed

Lindsay Lohan is sporting new affirmation clothing. She was spotted shopping in lovely (and oh so trendy) Orem (Family City USA and I'm NOT making this up), Utah while wearing a hoodie with the following sayings on it:
  • i'm oh so lovely
  • heir to the throne
  • beauty comes from within
  • royal queen
  • love is the key

I'm totally ripping off this idea but with more of a celebrity bent. Here's what I'll be writing on the clothes for my celeb clients:

  • Remember Your Underwear
  • Don't Get Married This Weekend
  • Kids In Their Seats Not My Lap
  • No Blow in the Loo
  • Tell Me I'm Pretty Dammit
  • Don't Chase Former Assistants With Your Car
  • Mean Papparazzi Suck
  • Please Hold My Hair When I Vomit
  • Open All Night
  • Don't Pull on My Ears, I Know What I'm Doing
  • You Can Really Act
  • Who Knows Why I'm Famous
  • Buy Me Drinks and You Can Probably Get Lucky
  • Almost 43 Hours Sober -- Oops
  • Got Fries?
  • It's All About the Music
  • Seriously, This Movie Won't Suck
  • Toughest Con on Celebrity Cell Block C
  • My Other Hoodie Is On the Floor of Some Guy's Car
  • Beer Doesn't Count
  • Rehab Is For Quitters

Feel free to play along at home, kids.


Reigning Frog said...

Got to have:

- I found God in Hawaii
- STD-free
- I heart Backup dancers

latt├ęgirl said...

Sex in the Stairwell: A Love Story

Will Sleep on Your Couch for Sex