Wednesday, October 10, 2007

With the Lions, It's Not Really Gambling

I sat through another crummy Lions game this past Sunday. They lost to the Washington Redskins (who play in Andover, Maryland) 34-3. Yeah, not a really close game. They finally cut away in the 4th quarter to another game that the announcers referred to as "more competitive." If you're the announcer for the Lions game, do you wonder whom you pissed off to draw that assignment?

The Lions are actually 0-22 against the Redskins when playing away from Michigan. That's a record for one team against another by the way.

Which is why if you were going to engage in any football betting last weekend, that was the game for it. If you're wagering against the Lions, the outcome isn't in question.

Maybe I'll wear my Lions championship coat this weekend. It's from 1954. I was just sperm then.


Kim said...

What was that? The Redskins won? I had no idea.

Reigning Frog said...

Don't worry, Detroit's day will come. Take it from me (a Browns and Bills fan)-- I know what I'm talking about.

Elsa said...

Hey, the Lions aren't doing so bad 3-2 is reasonable. At least you're not a Miami Dolphins or St. Louis Rams fan - 0-6 would be much worse.