Friday, October 26, 2007

Panty Power

Are you tired of social injustice in the world? Do you want to do something about it? Do you want to help those poor Myanmarians who still think they're living in Burma?

Well you can, ladies. Just take off your panties.

While it probably sounds like I just made this up, I didn't. (But I'm kicking myself anyway. And I'd have gone with bras).

Apparently the military dictatorship (or junta if you will) is so superstitious that they fear contact with a woman's panties can rob them of their power. I don't know about the dictators, but I've been rendered powerless by a woman's undergarments before. Thanks, I'm here all week.

While I'm not sure how taking off your skivvies and mailing them to evil uberlords will help, it can't hurt. But Panty Power just doesn't do it for me as a call to throw off the chains of tyranny. And since it was started by someone with only one name (Tomoko), that's kind of a warning sign right there. If the goal is to "raise awareness" of women's underwear, as a guy, I can honestly say, we're pretty aware already.

May I suggest the following monikers for this most excellent protest:
  • BVDestruction
  • Freeboob for Freedom
  • Knicker Neutralization
  • Paradrop Panties
  • Operation Burnout by Bra-less
  • Plot Playtex
  • Hanes Harmonization
  • Gotchie Ground Grab
  • Operation Enduring Elastic
  • Wargame Wonderbra
  • Cleavacious Cleansing
  • Lingerie Launch
  • Unconventional Unmentionable Warfare
  • Thong Threat
  • Crotchless Coup
  • Longjohn Lockdown
  • Undie-niable Assistance
  • Corset Counter Attack
  • Grand Strategy G-String
  • Wait Till We Get Our Hummers on You

Because I'm not in women's underwear (but how I always like to be), there's probably some other brands or names or other code words or double top secret terminology that mens aren't privy too.

So play along at home kids. We can bring this evil regime to its knees! Or at least get it's pants down around its ankles.


Wicked H said...

Going Commando for a worthy cause. Sign me up!

Mike D, the doorguy said...

"I don't know about the dictators, but I've been rendered powerless by a woman's undergarments before."

I can fully agree.

Reigning Frog said...

Got to include:
-Hanes off our rights!
-Fruit of the Impending Doom
-Tighty Whiteys or Fight!