Sunday, October 28, 2007


Wife and I can't have children. Because we loathe them. That and I stepped on a toe popper in Vietnam at the Battle of Chun King. But where was my parade when I came home after keeping Arizona safe from Charlie for all those years?

Anyway, we have no need for life insurance for kids. This kid does though.

And while Uncle T2ed doesn't advocate putting a kid on your hood and driving 99 miles an hour, I understand it.

Especially if he's named Damien Beelzebub and screams through the entire church service.

Who was really surprised to see the holy water burn him?

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Mrs. Monkey said...

I think it's time to cut ties with the parents now, before the kid starts killing those around them first. You just don't wanna be that person trying to convince them theirs something wrong. It never ends well for that guy...

Jamie, posting from my new blog identity!