Friday, May 12, 2006

Sign o' the Times

I've written before about Barry Bonds. But I just can't seem to whip up the bile and hatred for Barry that I can for TO. I'm not sure why. Maybe because Barry has always been an asshole and doesn't just behave himself the first year he signs a new contract.

I love the fans who whip up creative signs to torment Barry. Assuming he can read.

Barry got to play in Philadelphia last week. Yes, the city of Brotherly Love. The city that booed Santa Claus at an Eagles game.

And the fans, they had some great ones:
  • Barry, move your head. We can't see.
  • Seeing Barry hit 715: Worthless.
  • Ruth did it on hotdogs and beer. Aaron did it with class. How did YOU do it, Barry?
  • Just Retire
  • Barry Cheated
  • Balco Barry
  • For Sale: Life-sized Bobblehead. See Leftfield.
People are also dressing up as juice boxes with a number 25 (Barry's playing number) and marked 100% roids.

I'd also like to have seen the skinny guy in a t-shirt reading Barry with Pirates and the guy in the sumo wrestler costume that read Barry with San Fran.

And yes, I stole all these from Tom Verducci of SI. I'll bet he's got even better ones that he's not allowed to discuss in print.

At least this is one way to get fans involved in the game.

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